Ubisoft Gaming School 2018

What is the UGS?

“The aim is to support small groups of young people (14-17), no prior knowledge assumed, to create a video game of the course of an event.”

Over the course of five days, participants will work as part of a team to create their own video game and will learn about the different roles and skills required to make it. Each team’s game is then showcased at a celebration event at the end of the Ubisoft Gaming School week for friends and family and to the developers of Ubisoft Reflections!

UGS 2018 in Photos

This year was the fifth year we've hosted the UGS & in 2018 we hosted the event at the Gosforth Civic Theatre. We have to give thanks to the staff at the venue as they provided us with amazing support throughout the event and helped ensure the workshop run without a hitch.

The Games

Legend of the Frozen Conch

A wizard travels through 4 different levels to try and escape from the island he’s trapped on. To progress, he must collect 5 stars by platforming across the screen. He must dodge or fight different enemies in order to survive.

“We developed a platformer game, similar to the Mario games & we’re most proud of the ability to shoot fire to kill enemies, and the way the wizard looks. If we had more time, then we would develop more playable characters for the game.”


NEON is a turn-based strategy game in a top-down perspective. You must conserve your ammo and strategically manoeuvre the environment to defeat the enemies, to reach the end of the levels. A challenging game where the enemies can swarm you!

S.A.M’s* Space Adventure

(*Seriously Awesome Metal-Space-Helmet)


S.A.M’s* Space Adventure sees the player controlling a golden space helmet, in a fast-paced platforming shooter. It requires trial, error and a lot of patience to make it through the various stages.

“Making notes throughout development was essential to make sure we didn’t lose the key aspects of our game. We brainstormed many ideas based on three words we were given. These words are ‘Rough’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Space Helmet’. These words were our inspiration for S.A.M.”


“The game is a hack-and-slash, and we were inspired by Diablo for the gameplay, Hotline Miami for the sprite style, and both early Legend of Zelda games and RPGs for the design & camera perspective.”

GAME OF THE SHOW - Cake Escape

You are a cake trying to escape an abandoned bakery before you expire in 7 days. You must avoid the leftover, expired food (cake and bread) or else you will lose a day. If you don’t escape by the end of the week, then you die.

“All in all, we are all proud of the entire game; we cannot pinpoint one single point to be proud of. We each had our job to do, and we were able to come together and finish the game by Thursday. It was a unique experience to see a game dev so angry but determined to complete our game and see the ending.”

We are already looking forward to next year, where we aim to run a workshop in Newcastle & Leamington Spa for the first time!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us:

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