MCV Women in Games Awards

Our Trip to the MCV Women in Games Awards 2018

This year we were very proud to have Lara Coulson, Junior Game Designer, shortlisted for the ‘Rising Star of the Year - Development Award!

On Friday 11th May Lara and Sally Da Costa (Senior Studio Community Manager) headed down to the Facebook Offices in London for the awards.


There was representation from many studios from all over the UK and a great opportunity to celebrate success, champion women and build networks so that people within the industry can continue to make sure that the talented women continue to be recognised publicly in order to establish future mentors and show girls of the next generation that they too could have a great career within the industry.

“I had a great time at the WIG awards, meeting inspiring women, connecting with old friends, and celebrating outstanding work. It reminds women that there are many others who share their experiences and recognises the progress the games industry has made so far.”

Lara Coulson

“I was very proud to be accompanying Lara to the awards she totally deserved to be up there as a nominee and I don’t think anyone felt like anything was ‘lost’ regardless of the outcomes. In my eyes Lara is certainly a rising star and am glad to be working at the same studio as her. It was an empowering night of recognition and a great opportunity to meet other women within the industry and share our experiences. It was great to catch up with so many that have inspired me over the years & has made me think about what else I can do myself to encourage more women into the industry”

Sally Da Costa

Congratulations to all the winners & nominees, and also to the sponsors, hosts, speakers and organisers on a great event.


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