Our trip to EGX 2018

EGX 2018

Staff from Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Leamington made their way to the NEC in Birmingham for EGX 2018, one of the UK's big gaming exhibitions. Our mission? To experience the show from a gamer's point of view. Our secret weapon? Liz! We convinced one of our dev team to get back into Cosplay and go as one of the agents in The Division 2, the forthcoming game from Ubisoft being developed in our Leamington and Newcastle studios and at Massive Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment, Annecy and Shanghai.

Cosplayers unite!

Our colleagues at Ubisoft UK always persuade amazing cosplayers to support their presence at the show but, this year, Ubisoft Reflections/Leamington decided to get in on the act and experience the show from the point of view of our gamers! What better way to do it than cajole one of our own developers to dress as a Division 2 agent?! Liz found colleagues and new friends wherever she went and was delighted at the happy, positive vibe - see for yourself! Thanks also to the wonderful Jay Carames (@LuneticaC) who was kind enough to spend the day with us and show Liz the ropes.

The crew

Staging a show is hard work and Ubisoft UK did an incredible job. None of it would have been possible without enthusiastic and committed colleagues from Ubisoft UK, Ubisoft EMEA CRC, Ubisoft Leamington, Ubisoft Reflections and some amazing professional cosplayers!


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