New Branding, New Website, Same Studio!

Today we officially reveal our brand new website complete with our new look branding!

“Welcome to our new look website for our Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Leamington studios. We hope it captures what it’s like to be part of our amazing studios! We have a regular Blog where you can read about our latest news, an updated Careers section that features all available roles at both studios and lots of careers advice as well as a fully updated FAQ section. You may also notice that we’ve made a slight revision to the Reflections name & logo:

It aligns us more closely to Ubisoft, our parent company and Leamington, our sister studio, whilst retaining our proud 34 year heritage creating world class games”

– Sean Ratcliffe, Marketing Director

We also wanted to give you all a sneak peek behind the scenes by showing off some of our brand new studio improvements.

…Introducing the newest members of the team, our brand new coffee machines that work hard for the studio day in & day out or if tea is more your thing then our new space-age instant boiling/chilled water taps means there’s no hanging around when you need to charge your mug and get a bit of light refreshment.

The new kitchens allow us to have lunch in a creative space, catch up with friends or hold informal meetings all in a comfy coffee shop-esque atmosphere. But it also creates an environment that further encourages collaboration and provides us all with spaces to take a break in away from the focus at our desks, which can only be a good thing in our books to help everyone stay on top of their game and will help maximise innovation and make sure that creative thinking can thrive!


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