Future Session 2019


Last week the entire Reflections and Leamington studios congregated at the Wylam Brewery in Newcastle for our annual ‘Future Session’.

‘OK, but what’s a Future Session!?’ I hear you cry. Well, settle down… we’re getting to it!

A Future Session kind of does what it says on the tin. It’s a session in which both studios look forward to what we have coming up in the next year and beyond!

It goes without saying that we can’t tell you our detailed plans for world domination, but, we can give you a little bit of insight into what goes on at our annual get together.


The day consists of two distinct sections. The presentation/Q&A section and the PARTY TIME section.

That’s not to insinuate that the presentation part of the day isn’t fun, though. Far from it!

This year we were treated to several speakers from different sections of the studios, including MD Richard Blenkinsop and some special guests from HQ, who got up on stage to talk about a whole host of interesting and mind-blowing things that are going on RIGHT NOW in both studios.

That, coupled with a special Q&A panel, ensures that it’s an incredibly engaging and thought provoking event throughout.

Several hard-hitting, burning questions like ‘if you were a dog what kind of dog would you be?’ were finally answered (a Dalmatian if you’re wondering) before the beer was poured and the BBQ was lit.

The party time section is the perfect chance for everyone to let their hair down (including those that don’t have any!)

And it actually leads us nicely onto our favourite thing about the Future Session – seeing the entire Ubi Squad together as one.

That was actually this year’s theme – Ubi Squad.


Why Ubi Squad? Well, because it’s very easy to forget that more than 200 miles separates Reflections and Leamington, and although some people travel every week between the studios, the Future Session is the only time that everyone from both studios congregates in one place together.

It’s a bit like a family gathering at Christmas, really.

You’re reunited with faces you haven’t seen for some time, you share a drink with your crazy Geordie uncle, you eat way too much food and you meet face-to-face with that person you’ve been messaging all year.

It’s a wonderful moment and one that’s indicative of Ubisoft as a whole, too.

It reiterates the fact that even though we’re a 14,000+ strong company with people from all walks of life across 40 studios around the world, we’re all united as one Ubi Squad who share the same passions and the same ambitions.

Obviously, you’re all part of the squad, too!

So, like we all did last week, let’s raise a glass to the future.

Trust us… it’s going to be exciting ;)


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