Empowering Future Game Devs at Downham Games Careers Festival

At the end of October, Emily Mitchell, our CSR and Education Manager, along with Shubham Kastiya, Junior Programmer, and Craig Charsley, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, attended the Downham Games Careers Festival. At the event, they got to speak to young people interested in a career in game development.

Craig Charsley said “We had a great opportunity to attend the Downham Games Careers Festival organised by Into Games and supported by Circle Collective, an organisation looking to get young people from varying backgrounds into employment.  

It was great to attend from a Corporate Social Responsibility side with Emily, and Shubham, a recent grad, showing that it really is possible to land your dream job in Games Dev. I offered recruitment advice and 1-2-1 chats about our hiring process. (Pretty much the day job but nice to do it in person for a change!)  

We were joined by studios such as Splash Damage, N-Dreams and Rocksteady, as well as a host of games specific universities. At the event, we had the opportunity to meet young people of college and university age to talk about developing their portfolios, what their aspirations are and how to start taking steps into the world of Games Development.”

Find out more about our current job opportunities here.


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