Ubisoft Gaming School

Welcome to the Ubisoft Gaming School Digital!

On this page you will find a variety of resources and tutorials which you can follow along at home to learn more about an introduction to Triple A games production.

There are five exciting disciplines for you to learn about:

  1. Animation
  2. Art
  3. Audio
  4. Design
  5. Programming

For each discipline there are three main areas of learning:

  1. Introductory video – learn what the discipline entails and why it’s important
  2. Tutorial which can be followed using Gamemaker Studio – try your hand at some basic skills in the key discipline areas.
  3. Meet the expert – Hear from an expert within each field about their job role and how they got into the industry

There are also a few experts from other disciplines talking about there roles under the ‘Other Disciplines’ tab. Keep an eye on this section as we plan to add more.

We hope you enjoy learning about making games as much as we do!

What to do before following the tutorials

Step one

Download GameMaker Studio, which is available for free here:


Step two

Download our handy toolkit which includes things like pre set backgrounds and sprites, as well as the project file. Save this to your computer.

Download the toolkit here.

Step three

Extract the project file <<<

Step four

Open the yyp. file within this to run in Gamemaker.

Step five

Start following the tutorials!


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