obsessive, pioneering humans wanted

"My friends think I just play computer games all day and my parents are still confused as to why I wear jeans for work! But what I really do here is identify top talent, then help them make their next big move to a great studio."

Craig Pearn , Talent Acquisition MANAGER

Associate Producer (202)

Reference: REF9203Z

Project Management

Development Tester (196)

Reference: REF9201O

Quality Assurance

Game Design (205)

Reference: REF9207W

Games Design and Creative Direction

Lead Game Designer (204)

Reference: REF9205S

Games Design and Creative Direction

Lead Gameplay Programmer (068)

Reference: 10108BR


Lead Programmer (156)

Reference: REF7601C


Producer (203)

Reference: REF9204Y

Project Management

Project Coordinator (206)

Reference: REF9209I

Project Management

Senior Technical Artist (074)

Reference: REF9536Z

Art and Animation

Technical Artist (169)

Reference: REF9537R

Art and Animation