Ubisoft Leamington is one of Ubisoft’s youngest studios, working on Tom Clancy's The Division

Since being acquired in 2017, Ubisoft Leamington have been contributing to Ubisoft's amazing portfolio of fun video games! Our expertise includes world building, engine technology and games as a live service.

As a major contributor to Tom Clancy’s The Division – and now The Division 2 – Ubisoft Leamington have worked on Global Events Blackout & Onslaught and Division Shields, as well as the significant and very cool TCTD 1.7 and TCTD 1.8 Underground updates.

Ubisoft Leamington are also regular contributors to the ‘State of the Game’ broadcasts on Twitch, which discuss all the fantastic progress and updates to the game.

Ubisoft Leamington has also contributed to other Ubisoft titles, including Far Cry 5,  Starlink, Ode and Atomega and continues to work on other (unannounced) Ubisoft titles in the global portfolio.

About Leamington

Royal Leamington Spa is a culturally rich and diverse Regency town in a fantastic location - just over an hour's train ride from London and in a 'hotspot' of UK game development. There are loads of cafes and restaurants, great shopping and excellent access to green spaces and nature. In 2017 Leamington was  voted the happiest place in Britain!

For gamers, plenty of games exhibitions and events take place on our doorstep, including EGX, Insomnia, Brains Eden, EGX Rezzed, the London Games Festival, the Intel Buzz Workshop and Develop Brighton.

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