Do you have questions? Here are some answers!



  • Can I have a free copy of one of your games?
    • We are delighted you are interested in Ubisoft/ Reflections games! We can't send out free games but are delighted you're interested in our lineup. Until then, we encourage you to follow our social media feeds and become a part of our community to share in the Ubisoft experience. You can find those here: Reflections Twitter & Reflections Facebook & Ubi Leam FB & Ubi Leamington Twitter.
  • Can I have more information about one of your games?
  • Can I get a copy of a game to review on my channel?
    • Thank you for your interest in Ubisoft/ Reflections games! Your best bet would be to contact the Ubisoft PR manager for the title. You can find a list of those managers on the map here.


  • I'm angry about something you've done! You don't seem to care about your customers!
  • I'm concerned about a feature in one of your games
    • We hope your experience hasn’t been too upsetting. Please contact Ubisoft support here – while we can’t respond personally to every message received, be assured that we will look into it.


  • Wondering which video games are appropriate for your kids or how to protect your child from bad behavior online?


  • I need technical help for one of your games!
    • Sorry you’re having difficulties! Please get in touch here.
  • Can I have more information about one of your games?


  • I would like to work with you / interview someone at your company
    • Thanks for reaching out to us at Ubisoft/ Reflections! Ubisoft Reflections & Ubisoft Leamington are proud to be regular contributors to our local events, communities and educational establishments. If this sounds like you, the quickest way to get help is to send your request to our PR office here.
  • Who can I speak to regarding supporting my charity?
    • Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Leamington are proud to have selected several local charities each to support. Unfortunately, we can't currently add any more charities to our selections.
  • Who can I contact regarding getting speakers or contributions for my event?
    • At Ubisoft/ Reflections we have a pretty full calendar of events but we’re always happy to hear about more ways we can contribute. Please use the following link to get in touch with all the details right here.


  • When will you make another Driver game? Or a remaster?
  • Why aren’t you talking to the community members making content for the Driver games?
    • We regularly talk to community members that support our games and are grateful for their support. If you think we should be talking to you too, get in touch here.


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