obsessive, pioneering humans wanted

"My friends think I just play computer games all day and my parents are still confused as to why I wear jeans for work! But what I really do here is identify top talent, then help them make their next big move to a great studio."

Craig Pearn , Talent Acquisition MANAGER

Project Management

Manage the whole production process of a game and build & develop the team that will deliver it. Bridge the creative, production and business visions, mitigating the risks and ensuring the content quality to deliver success games.

Art and Animation

Create visual content to inspire and realise the vision of the game. Bring our worlds and characters to life with high quality motion and enhance the players’ immersion in the game.

Marketing, Communications and PR

Engage and retain players to drive sustainable growth by creating personalised and memorable experiences around our games and brands across all channels and communities.

Quality Assurance

Collect and compile the data produced during the whole development process. Ensure efficient and reliable creation of game versions by optimising build processes and by constantly supporting the development teams.

Games Design and Creative Direction

Imagine and develop compelling and engaging rules for our games. Create an impactful, innovative and coherent universe that players can explore and live their own unique, fun and rich gaming experiences.


Produce original sounds, music, voices and dialogues in order to provide players with relevant and consistent gameplay feedbacks to enhance gameplay features, stir players’ emotions and facilitate their immersion in the game.


Maximise the playability, fun and comfort for the players. Drive, challenge and turn creative ideas into high quality gameplay features in order to deliver believable, memorable and original gaming experiences.

Productivity and Infrastructure

Provide the best tools and information systems as well as deliver and operate the ultimate infrastructure for our players. Key words are efficiency, reliability and innovation.

HR, Finance and Workplace

Build highly motivated, skilled and successful teams. Be a business partner to Ubisoft management and teams. Provide teams with a work environment and workplace services that reflect Ubisoft culture and foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

User Research Lab

Provide the development teams with a better understanding of players’ behaviors through user research studies and analytics. Deliver actionable insights that will improve the overall player experience.